Thursday, June 28, 2012

Three Bears and a Mouse

At the bottom of the Nulhegan River, set up camp in at lovely primative campsite.  The NFCT has a logbook and registration box, so opened it up to see who had been there and what their comments were.  The log book was a mess!  The maker of the mess was sitting there in the plastic bag filled with chewed up paper nest looking just as comfortable as can be.  So comfortable in fact, that he just stared at me not wanting to move!
A mouse in a house...

Just preparing to cook dinner and heard an animal cry out.  It was a bear cub.  How cute... and where is the Mother?!?!

Then there were THREE bear cubs, in the trees right next to the campsite!  Made some noise to scare them away.  Scared they were, but unlike an adult black bear (which would leave), they are told to climb a tree when there is trouble.  My actions would have worked for an adult, but had the wrong effect with the cubs.  Decided not to eat dinner or open food... left it sealed up in the kayak's storage compartment.  Too tired to be concerned, so went to sleep.

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