Thursday, June 28, 2012

Conneticut River and Groveton (Paper)

The Conneticut River provided a nice 20 mile stretch of easy paddling down a wide river.  A welcome relief after the challenges of the Nulhegan.  Met a few people out in canoes for a few hours or days. 

At the town of Groveton, turned left to paddle the Upper Ammonoosuc River, upstream.  Accurately described as a quickwater river, it made more use of the earlier gained skilled such as eddy hopping and tracking.  Camped for the night in a mosquitoe filled campsite in Groveton. 

Got up early the next morning and during the immediate portage around the paper mill's dam, decided to go into town for breakfast.  There is one restaurant and one pizza place.  The main street ends at the entrance to Groveton Paper and the office building at the gate says "We Are Here to Stay".  The paper mill closed and the contract on the property states that the mill cannot be restarted by another company.  Perhaps a kind of "non-compete clause".  The evening before talked to a fisherman who drives 6 1/2 hours to work as a carpenter in New Jersey.  Life is not easy in the local economy.

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