Thursday, June 28, 2012

Down the Nulhegan River

Yea, finally some downriver paddling! Near Island Pond, the small Nulhegan Pond forms the headwaters of the river.
Upper section of the Nulhegan
The river starts out very narrow and winding and during this long section there are many beaver dams, old and new. On the positive side, they hold back enough water to allow paddling. They also provide obstacles. The largest dam is about 4 feet above the water and the boat has to be dragged over. Many can be pushed over while still in the boat. 
Crossing over a Beaver Dam

Typical Beaver Dam looking upriver
Further downstream, the river changes to rapids which need to be portaged around, sometimes on trails so lightly used that they are impassable, sometimes the boat needs to be lined (held by rope from out of the boat and allowed to go down rapids where you do not feel comfortable being in the boat).  Finally, the river becomes a "boulder field" where the rocks are too close together to be paddled through and need to be pulled around, through and over.

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