Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Birdcage - A Hiker's Hostel

09 August 2009

Along the trail are some well known "hiker hostels". There is the "White House" in the midst of the 100 mile wilderness, Rebekah's "Lakeshore House" in Monson, Jeff's "Green Mountain House" in Manchester Center, VT. In Dalton, MA there are two... Thomas Lavardi's house right on the trail, and "The Birdcage".

The Birdcage is run by Robert Bird and is located in the house where he lives and where his mother lived her entire life. There are bunk beds on the porch and in several rooms. Sometimes people set up tents in the yard or sleep in the garage. All are made to feel extremely welcome. Rob will shuttle you to the trail, to the store, or wherever you need to go. Laundry can be washed, and the kitchen is available for cooking. The living room contains a large screen TV and has a great sound system. Weary hikers like to relax and catch up on conversation and a movie or two. For all this, there is no charge.. if shopping one can buy something for the house, but that's all. Rob loves the trail community and feels a certain purpose in live from the service he provides. He is well known both on the trail and off, and has been doing this for 9 years. When he attends the annual Trail Days celebration he must be a celebrity.

Although only one story is told here, there are many others.

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