Thursday, August 13, 2009

Trail Magic

As the trail goes through populated areas, more Trail Magic appears. It is often provided by people who have themselves completed thru-hikes of the AT, and is a kindness that by definition must be repaid to others.

An example: coming down a trail, hot, sweaty and dirty, a cooler comes into view. On the top, a note welcoming distance hikers to partake of what is inside. There is always some way to write a note - most often a spiral notebook. Inside the cooler can be any combination of soda, water, candy or cookies. Trail Magic is always highly appreciated by the hikers, and can only be repaid if you (after your hike) provide some "Magic" to other hikers in another place and time.

Trail Magic is part of the trail culture, and in addition to being welcome adds positive karma to the giver and the world.

Thanks to all the providers of magic - we all love you!

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