Thursday, August 13, 2009

Upper Goose Pond Cabin

22 August 2009

After a long 20 mile day hiking south from Dalton, arrived at Upper Goose Pond just as the sun was setting. Located a half mile off the trail, the AMC (Appalachian Mountain Club) run cabin is on the opposite end of the pond. As part of the government's acquisition of land around the AT, they acquired a formerly privately owned cabin which has been renovated for hikers to stay. There is a bunk room on the upper floor, a kitchen with gas stove, and two canoes are docked at the pond below. It is a cozy place. The water is appealing after a hot sweaty day. The only sensible action is to strip off and jump in for a swim. The water is a perfect temperature. Scenery is gorgeous.

Later that evening we talk with the volunteer caretaker (AMC members volunteer one week each), consume dinner, talk with other distance hikers, and read.

In the morning, caretaker John cooks us Blueberry Pancakes and makes several pots of coffee.

And then, although many of us would like to stay longer, it is time to leave for another day of hiking...

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