Monday, July 16, 2012

Rain is Good! Fansanger Falls

Having the right amount of rain is essential to a successful thru-paddle.  Not enough and some rivers are unrunnable and others entail much more dragging the boat over rocks and gravel bars.  A low water "boulder field" can be especially tough to get through.  Rain made the trip on the Clyde River around Stark, NH much easier. 

My map mentions that the "seasonable South Branch of the Dead River is difficult paddling much of the year due to low water...". 

There is a 1.3 mile portage around Fansanger Falls on the South Branch but the portage sign was not evident to me.  The map says "the gorge's four ledge drops can be run by experts if there is enough water".  After running the first ledge, decided there was no way to get back to the portage, so put on my helmet, scouted carefully, and had a very fun ride through the remaining section.  Rainfall has made my day!

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