Thursday, June 28, 2012

Perkin's Landing on Lake Memphremagog

Calm Lake Memphremagog
At 5:30am, got up to see what the lake conditions were like.  The wind and waves had been building all night, waking me up from time to time.  Alain is one of the men running the dock area where fisherman and other tourists are busy putting in.  I tell him about my trip down the Northern Forest Canoe Trail and ask about conditions.  He shows me a map and explains that just south and out of sight the lake narrows and waves come together from two directions, making for large waves and rough conditions.  Two boats have already returned rather than stay in that area.  In the distance it it possible to see some large waves.  Time to cool my heels.  As the morning progresses the wind seems to back off, and it looks like time to go.  Goodbye Alain, it is time to pack up.  A few minutes later, Alain meets me to say he talked to people further south and the weather is still too rough.  OK, will wait longer.  Finally two people arrive in Sea Kayaks and say the area is passable.  Pack up and say goodbye to Alain.  He comes over, looks at my boat and says "Oh, you have a kayak not a canoe, its OK to go in a Kayak"!  My guess is that an hour earlier a kayak would not have been OK to go.  Finally, onto the lake.

This duck wouldn't stay away if I was eating or cooking.

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