Thursday, June 28, 2012

Back in the USA - Border Patrol and Immigration

The US Canadian border runs across Lake Memphremagog 6 1/2 miles south of Perkins Landing.  No need to stop at Canadian Customs and the US Immigration is a video phone at the dock in Newport, Vermont.  Just south of the border, two large jet skis pulled up driven by fully uniformed (handcuffs, guns, etc) Border Patrol guards.  They said "we don't see too many kayaks coming down the lake so we thought we would see what you are up do".  After answering the standard questions we talked about the trail and my trip.  They had not heard about the earlier history of the lake and border control.  During Prohibition, the Canadians would fill a large island cave just to the north with liquor and during the night Al Capone's workers would pick it up by boat in the summer and automobile in the winter.  The job of border patrol would have paid well in those days as Al had just about everyone in his pocket.  Today, the guards will have to settle for getting a sun tan and driving jet skis for a living.

That evening, arrived in Newport, Vermont.  Did the video phone check-in with US Immigration.  "What is the name of your boat?"  "The name of my boat?  It is a kayak."  "Some people name their boats", he says.  Of course, but not me.  What to fill in the name of boat space?  "OK, give me the type of boat, manufacturer and the model."  Then we were done.
Arrival in Newport, Vermont
Paddled across the bay and got a space in the township campground.  Walked into town.  Logan says to me after hearing about the trail "Nobody paddles UP the Clyde River!".  For me, that is tomorrows journey.

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