Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day One

01 June 2012, Old Forge, NY

This morning it was time to get started on the trip.  Pat took some photos, packed up the boat, and we bid farewell. 

Western Terminus of the NFCT
First Stroke of the trip...

First on the trail is the Fulton Chain of lakes.  Started at Lake 1 and finished at Lake 7.  Had originally planned a 10 mile day, but already the urge to keep traveling was there and it ended up being 14 miles.  The Portages between lakes were mostly flat and on some kind of road.  Easy.  The lakes are packed with vacation homes, docks and boats.  Last weekend was Memorial Day a busy holiday, but now it is hard to see anybody around.  Paddling was peaceful, until the end of the day.  Upon entering Lake 7, there was a headwind and waves with whitecaps.  Tired and inexperienced, it took some extra effort to reach the campsite.  Looking back the next day in calm weather, one could wonder what the challenge was.

Part of the Fulton Lake Chain

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