Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Canoe Carry (Portage)

Getting from one piece of water to another, boat and all gear, requires what in the Adirondacks is called using a "Canoe Carry".  Otherwise known as a Portage.  Best estimate of my portage weight is 40 pounds for the boat and 60 for gear, water, fuel and food.  If it can all be moved while packed up, that is the portage distance x 1.  If a second trip is needed, then x 3.  If a third trip is needed, x 5.  Moving everything will a single trip is therefore a top priority.  Some portages are easy.  Wheels can be used.  Not much effort is required.

An Easy Portage

Some portages are rough and require unpacking the boat.  Here is the Raquette Falls Carry.  Very steep to start and not wheelable.  It took me 3 trips to move everything over the 0.6 mile carry (0.6 x 5 = 3 miles).

Warning sign for Raquette Falls.  Note the broken canoe piece on the sign.

Steep uphill start of Raquette Carry

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