Wednesday, June 13, 2012

30 miles to a non-existant town

07 June 2012
In perhaps a subconscious attempt to compensate for a day off, or more likely just feeling good after a day of rest and good food (fuel) intake, got started early and kept going almost until dark.  The weather was calm, and the day sunny.  So just kept going beyond the originally planned camping spot.  Ended up at the top of the Class V Teft Pond Falls.  With another Class III rapid just below, decided to pull out for a 3+ mile wheeled portage to Clayburg.  On the map, the road intersection at Clayburg is marked as a "hamlet".  In fact, it is only a road intersection.  Tired and with darkness falling, decided to seek permission to camp by the river on private property.  Walking up to the first house and knocking on the door, noticed a History Channel whitewater boating show on the TV.  A good sign.  Mark answered, and said no problem to set up camp.  He also offered to take me to the store.  Due to being quite tired, just set up camp, cooked dinner and went to sleep.

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