Thursday, June 28, 2012

Canada: Friendly people and small enterprises

The main language of this part of Canada is French.  After a mere Bonjour, it is time for me to switch to English.  It is the effort that counts in any language, and no different here.  The Canadians prove to be a friendly group.

Paddling along the Missiquoi, I come across a sign by the river "Canoe & Co.".  The owner, Francois, has a business renting canoes and kayaks for people to take on the river (unlike my trip, in a downstream direction!) and has been running it for 12 years.  We have a nice chat and he invites me to camp for the night.

During the winter, Francouis works in the ski industry around the mountains in the background of this photo.  What a weather dependant life!  Water levels in the summer and snow quantities in the winter determine his total income and business results.  Is that more out-of-ones-control risk than a farmer takes?

Local Ski Area viewed from Canoe & Co.
 The next day in Masonville I ask locals at the town square about a good place to eat.  They recommend The Owl's Bread Boulangerie.  What a recommendation it is!  The Tuna Nicoise Sandwich with Salad is my most gourmet meal on the trail so far.  On the way out of town, Francois drives past and says hello, and his girlfriend comes out of her work place to offer me directions.
Thanks "Owl" for a tasty lunch

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  1. Francois and all of the people in the Que. section are great. your blog is very enjoyable reading, good luck on the Clyde.