Monday, July 27, 2009

Lean-to's and Dedication

Just over 200 miles south of Mt. Katadhin is the Poplar Ridge Lean-to. These shelters have walls on 3 sides and a roof. They are very welcome, especially in bad weather, and save having to set up a tent. Most have a spiral notebook inside where hikers leave notes about their thoughts and experiences. Interesting reading.

In this lean-to the notebook has a set of notes printed by Dave, the volunteer who has taken care of this lean-to and the miles of trail around it for 52 (that's right, 52!!) years. As a matter of fact, he built it!! Lots of hard physical labor involved over the years for sure. One of his notes answers a hiker's question "What is the strangest/nicest thing you ever found in a shelter?". Answer "Strangest was a Porcupine and nicest is the girl I married years ago".

Huge THANKS to Dave and all the other volunteers who dedicate a large part of their time (and money) to keeping the trails in as good a shape as possible for us to hike on!!

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