Monday, July 27, 2009

Hiking Legs

Starting out, nothing seems to work well.
Weight needs to be more optimally distributed in the pack.
Feet need to step in less slippery places.
Roots, deep pools of mud, slippery bog bridges, huge stretches of water "puddles" - all seem to jump out in front of you in the trail.
Muscles seem not strong enough.
You fall, many times. Often not nicely (that means painfully).
Balance comes more from the hiking poles/sticks than the body.
and, more...

It takes some weeks, but slowly the body/brain team start to shape up. After enough falls and mis-steps the efficiency starts to increase. After all, starting in the north and hiking south puts some of the trails biggest challenges right "up front".

And then, after about 400 miles, the legs start to kick in and you have what is called on the trail "hiking legs".

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