Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Trail Towns - Monson

26 June 2009

Finally, made it through the "100 Mile Wilderness". One of the two reputedly biggest challenges of the AT. For us SOBO's, a toughening up exercise. To top it off, we had constant rain (well, there was one day that was only cloudy) for days on end. Mud, mossies, slippery tree roots, water, lots of water. Nothing easy about this trail!

As a reward, decided to take a "zero day" in Monson, the first Trail Town south from Mt. Katadhin. There are two hostels in this quiet town, Shaw's and The Lakeshore House. Since the front of the Lakeshore contained a Laundromat, and in the back a restaurant, decided to stay there. Many of the others who had been hiking together stayed as well, and owner Rebecca had a full house. A good omen for her - the day was her 3rd Anniversary since opening. After a trip to shop (food at the grocery, and necessities such as Gold Bond foot powder from the Outfitters) nearby at a larger town, we all ended up socializing, using the internet, talking, and eating. Also time for my feet to heal (toughen up) from the battering they took during the trail's first stage.

Celebration: 5% of the trail completed, and a tough section at that!!

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