Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Security on the Trail

This bloody trail is so darn tough right now that I am positive the bad people of the world are far too lazy to come out here and cause trouble. But what about later when we are closer to civilization? How can somebody find us in an emergency?

At the trailhead in Baxter State Park everyone registers with their real name, address, and trail name. This information is used to get some statistics on AT hikers, and is also available to the authorities.

While hiking in the most unexpected and remote places, hikers will come upon a box with a hinged front, some forms to list name, and some other info, and a slot to insert the form. Somehow, these are maintained.

In each of the "Lean-To" sleeping areas there is a book for hikers to write comments. Most sign using their Trail Name.

So if you are in contact with the Authorities, and they are familiar with the AT and it's systems, a person can be tracked down fairly quickly.


"Country Runner"

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