Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Equipment Wear

All equipment purchased for the trip was intended to be expedition grade.  In fact, much equipment is designed for weekend warriors.  Many suppliers are quick to offer replacements and repair at no cost to true expedition travelers... they want to keep their reputations intact.  It is helpful, but one still hopes for less failures during a trip because replacement can be difficult and there is always increased risk when essential equipment fails.  Fortunately, there was no complete failure of equipment during this trip.  If it had continued another month, the story would have been far different.

Here is some of the damage done during the trip:
1.  Kayak skeg disintegrated not too far into the trip.  Boat still usable.
2.  Watch face fogged due to reaction with bug spray.
3.  Map Holder started leaking and it was not possible to keep maps dry.
4.  Hiking sandals - stitching came loose in 4 places.
5.  Wetsuit - stitching pulled loose in 2 places.  There was no abrasion in these spots.
6.  Wheels (the weakest equipment of the trip) - straps abraded.  Axles exhibited major metal wear, almost completely through.  Wheel bearings no longer visible.
7.  Paddle can no longer be broken down into halves.  A slow deterioration starting about 3 weeks into the trip.
8.  Compass - crack in face allowed water inside.  It was a very old compass.

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