Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Up the Missisquoi River

The Missisquoi River is different from anything encountered yet.  It is slow moving, dark brown, and very muddy.  Due to the slow moving water, earlier travelers selected this route for commerce and travel.  The river mouth is a wildlife preserve and for several miles, the river banks are packed with wildlife, especially birds.

There are many dams on the river, and now the portages are more "up" than "down" due to travelling upstream.  Dam to calm water to rapids to portage at dam is the new routine.  At the Sheldon Springs Hydro Co. facility, there is a particularly long and hot portage.  Two of the workers there offered to help out with a ride, water and information.  Very nice.  Being somewhat of a "traditionalist" wanting to move under my own power, I walk.

Agribusiness surrounds the river.  The farms are combining and getting larger.  Equipment used for farming is also increasing in size.  Dairy farms are the main business, with milk being shipped daily to the Boston market.

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