Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day Off in Enosburg Falls, VT

13 June 2012

211 miles of 710 trail miles have been completed in 12 days.  My body tells me it is time for a break.  8-10 hours of paddling each day with varied conditions and new challenges have pushed by body, not to its limits by any means, but enough that the newly building muscles need a day off.  Yesterday, found the quaint Somerset Inn and rented a room from Ms. Avis.  Since then have been working on housekeeping tasks, photos, and this blog.  Oh yes, and eating.

Tomorrow will get back on the Missisquoi and head northeast into Canada.  My bounce box with computer will be sent to Rangeley, Maine which is both a NFCT Trail Town and an Appalachian Trail Town.  Looking forward to posting some more stories and photos from there.  That's 426 miles into the NFCT.

Hope you enjoy the stories.
Mark Fromm

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  1. Awesome stuff, and you're making great time. Looks like a really cool trip