Thursday, June 28, 2012

Back to the Lakes... and the Rapid River Portage

From Errol, the paddle across Lake Umbagog went smoothly.  Next, the Rapid River Portage.  The Rapid River is a stunning whitewater run of Class III & IV rapids.  Would love to come back and run them.  The Portage was a different story.  Start was hard to find.  First long section was a trail strewn with boulders and rocks requiring some wheeling, pushing, shoving and conjoling through the mud and muck.  Fortunately, that trail turned into a wheelable road. The next challenge was to find the correct road.  Many roads are not shown on the map.  Missed the correct one, signs are set up for people coming in the other direction.  Ended up doing some extra miles on a muddy road and eventually finding a driveway to cut through to Lower Lake Richardson.  Found the Narrows and contined on to Upper Richardson, camping at Whitney Point.

From there to Rangeley, Maine was a diverse paddle.  Headwinds and waves on Upper Richardson.  On Mooselookmeguntic Lake (just read it as a sentance to get the name right) the winds and currents had me fighting to go in a straight line.  Skeg adjustments had little effect.  Finally, on Rangeley Lake, a nice tailwind that rapidly pushed me into the town of Rangeley in a prompt and speedy manner.

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