Monday, May 28, 2012

The Northern Forest Canoe Trail (NFCT)

The Northern Forest Canoe Trail runs from Old Forge, New York for over 700 miles to Fort Kent, Maine way up north on the Canadian border) and links waterways in New York, Vermont, Quebec (Canada) and Maine.  It is a water trail that has been used by Native American Indians and many others.  Covering several water drainages, there are about 50 miles of portage required to cover the entire route.  The trail contains 22 rivers and streams, 56 lakes and ponds and 62 portages covering 50 miles.  There is fast and slow moving water, and a thru-paddle includes over 200 miles of upstream travel when traveling from west to east (the only way completed to date).  In 2000, Kay Henry and Rob Center - former principals of Mad River Canoe Company - incorporated the Northern Forest Canoe Trail organization which works to maintain the trail and publishes a set of maps and guide book.  You can learn more at their website

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