Friday, November 27, 2009

The Final Day... It's all in the Journey

21 November 2009

Just a short day's hike from the Hawk Mountain Shelter.  At the shelter last night, Krammin's parents showed up and cooked us a steak dinner, potatoes, and served several desserts.  Great Trail Magic, Thanks!

At the fire road parking lot 1 mile north of the trail terminus, several groups of family members were assembled to meet the successful thru-hikers.  Sisyphus (back right in picture) drove up from Atlanta to pick me up.  We had hiked together in Maine and through the White Mountains.  PI's parents came to get a photo of him making that "final thru-hike step".  Zombie's family showed up with camera's, gifts, and a bottle of well deserved champagne.

Trails end, the view from Springer Mountain

Atop the official plaque (there is a trail register cut into the rock!)

The Last Blaze

Trail Plaque (but it should read "Maine to Georgia")

Official Trail Terminus

The feeling among the hikers on reaching the end of the trail was "so this is it?".  A bit less emotional than anticipated.  Thus, another of the trail's many lessons... It's all in the Journey, not the Destination.

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