Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bear Snack

29 October 2009

During the big climb up to Grassy Ridge, the warming sun shone and at 10:30am it seemed to be a good time for a snack.  Stopped on the trail, unpacked my food, and started spreading peanut butter on a bagel.  While topping it off with honey, a loud rustling noise came from my right.  Looked up to see a Black Bear headed directly for me about 100 fee away.  He definately smelled the honey.  What to do?  Looked over at my belongings spread around and decided packing and hiking away quickly was not an option.  Then remembered the suggested actions.  Stood up to "look big", then started yelling to scare the bear off.

The bear stopped.  The bear stood up on his hind legs.. just as I had done.  It peered in my direction for a mement, then turned around and quickly moved off on all fours.

Close call!  Sorry, no pictures...

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