Friday, September 11, 2009

Shoes, Miles, Rocks, Shin Splints

After New York State, my first pair of hiking boots were worn out. After talking with the salesman (who has already thru-hiked the AT), we decided that a lighter pair of shoes - more like running shoes but with a stiffer sole - would be the way to go. Bought a pair of Italian made (yep, not made in China) Scarpa hiking shoes.

The trail from New York onwards flattened out (compared to the northern trail), so started picking up the daily distance to 15-25 miles per day.

Then, until Duncannon, PA, the trail ran on a lot of rocky ridge lines. Think of it as a painful massage on the feet for 12 hours a day. Eventually the soles of the feet start going numb.

Somehow as a result of all this, shin splints started when in western New Jersey. By the time I reached Palmerton, PA, it was difficult to walk at all. Fortunately with some rest (one day), ace bandages, and Vitamin I (Ibuprofen), the pain went away within the next week.

Whew!! Challenges every step of the way!

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  1. Hi Mark - You might not remember me but I am Bob Logan's oldest son. We met a number of years ago when you were in Seneca Falls visiting Grandma and Grandpa. Aunt Audrey turned me on to your blog. I lived in the Lehigh Valley a number of years ago and would hike the AT from the Lehigh Gap east - with only a day pack. I can understand why you would get shin splints. Cheers to you, your adventure, and hiking down the Lehigh Gap with shin splints and a loaded pack. Congratulations on the halfway point and safe travels.