Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Barber of Pawling

Following my brief visit to New York City, the train dropped me off just south of the trail in Pawling, NY. Spotting a Barber Shop sign, decided to get a "trim".

This time, a short haircut would do - it is hot outside, and the trail goes through tick country (Lime Disease is carried by ticks and causes many hikers to leave the trail when they get sick). Every day hikers should check their bodies for ticks.

Talked with the barber about getting a short haircut and he went to work with a passion. This may be the most forceful haircut ever experienced in my life. He got the shaver going with a vengeance. Trim trim, cut cut. Here is the result.
What I didn't realize - the mosquitoes are now within biting range when they sit on my hair. Oh well, one more place to use repellent :-(

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