Monday, July 27, 2009

Mahoosuc Notch

The Mahoosuc Notch has no road going through it. But the AT goes there. It is known as the most fun or difficult 1 mile on the Appalachian Trail. It is also likely one of the most dangerous.

The notch is narrow. On one side a cliff shoots straight up (southbound hikers climb to the top of the cliff via side trail after completing the notch). Huge house size boulders have broken off the cliff and fill the bottom of the notch. The trail is a series of puzzles where the hiker has to figure out how to climb up, under, or around the rocks.

It is a tiring but exhilarating mile of trail. In hindsight, lots of fun. Not sure that was what I was thinking going through!

Some pictures and videos can be found by Googling "Mahoosuc Notch". I was too focused on the trail to take pictures.

Here is one photo from the Internet...

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  1. Mark - We are really enjoying following your journey! You paint a clear and compelling picture and your writing style and observations are fabulous. Keep up the good work (both hiking and blogging).
    -- Your old friends from 234 McCosh