Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fording the Pleasant River

During "normal" weather conditions, the water at this ford is "ankle deep". After weeks of heavy rain the conditions change.

There are actually 3 streams coming together. Upon arrival they seemed fast moving but narrow. It would be possible to make just 2 crossings, with the second being after a merging of two streams. The first crossing was cold and wet, but passable without too much trouble. The second was a different story. Carefully planting my hiking poles, started across - one slow and careful step at a time. The middle was the fastest and deepest. The planted poles were vibrating like crazy. No choice, must move ahead. Days of hiking in either direction to get to "civilization", food limited to one extra day beyond plan, etc. Time to cross! The water got higher until it was at my crotch. Felt my body (even with a heavy pack) getting lifted off the bottom of the stream!

Finally, passed the fastest part and got across. Continued down the trail in pouring rain.

Fellow hiker Sisyphus (and his dog Icarus) came one day later. Then the river was Chest High!! He and another hiker scouted upstream for a better place to cross. He lost a hiking pole in the river, but both hikers and the dog made it through.

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