Friday, June 26, 2009

Day One on the Appalachian Trail

18 June 20009

The time has come. Since the trail starts at the top of Mt. Katadhin, I guess the hike up does not count for me. But it should. At 5200 feet elevation it is Maine's highest mountain.

Departing from last night's mosquito infested campground, "Tiger" drove me to Baxter State Park. He lives in nearby Bangor and assists at the campground during the summer.

The Ranger Station at the trailhead provides a place to leave packs and smaller day packs for use. Repacked and off to hike. Two areas have steep boulders to climb. The weather is clear and warm, perfect for this difficult climb from 1000 to 5000+ feet

Already meeting others here to hike the entire trail. One man is a fit 67 years old and earlier hiked much of the trail.

Completed the 10• mile hike in about 6 1/2 hours.

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  1. Katadhin is nice...does it still have that cairn of stones on the top to make it 'exactly' one mile high?

    Interesting that you are going north to south...Katadhin I've heard makes a great ending to the trail, but as most of the people never finish, I think you are hitting the best parts of the trail in the beginning (of course this includes the NH portion, my home state)

    Have a great time!