Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Whanganui River Journey "Great Walk" 14 April 2009

This "Great Walk" is not a walk, but a river journey. We rented canoes (same as LL Bean has been selling for so many years) and took a 3 day 88 kilometer trip down the river.

Here is Mark and our transport for the trip...

This elderly man has a nice raft for the trip...

Reflections during a quiet stretch...

It wasn't all this quiet, we had a number of Class I and Class II rapids. Only came close to turning over once... after finishing a rapid with a lot of water inside the canoe.

On the last night we stayed at Tieke Kainga which is actually a Maori Marae. The Maori lady in attendance gave us a warm welcome and we learned many things about the culture of the first people to inhabit New Zealand.

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