Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pelorus Sound near Havelock, NZ is a photographers dream.

Hope you enjoy these photos from Pat's 31 March Photo Album on Shutterfly...

Pelorus Sound near Havelock, NZ is a photographers dream. The sounds are drowned river valleys formed millions of years ago and some of the hills still covered in virgin bush. Many people live in the sound; some to farm ? previously timber, then sheep and cattle and more recently, mussels are much more lucrative as is the ugly, scaring timbering. Some of the homes on the sound are only accessible by water and even get their mail by boat. The mail boat does this route once a week and makes 11 stops along the way, including one in a marine conservancy where we spotted dozens of penguins playing in the water. The skipper and the ?postie? (as the mail lady calls herself) take time to chat with each and every customer who comes out on a boat or jetty to exchange mail bags, and accept any deliveries for the ?community?. The postie also has a doggie biscuit for all the dogs who seem to greatly anticipate her visit. It was a lovely day in the bay ? here are some pics to share with you http://share.shutterfly.com/share/received/welcome.sfly?fid=9cbc64b7228e7c9d&sid=0CbtWzVs5YsWmD

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  1. fantastic love to have join you in your adventures. your guys you the best and exemple for age groups. love suzanne