Friday, April 3, 2009

The Great Walks - Kepler Track

Early March 2009

After visiting the Power Station, we started hiking the next of New Zealand's "Great Walks", the Kepler Track. During the first day the trail initially runs along Lake TeAnau, then climbs to 1100 meters first through several levels of growth, and finally above the tree line. First night is spent at the Howden Hut with it's spectacular views over lakes and mountains. It is one of the highest huts in the country.

This is Howden Hut

The view from the kitchen at Howden Hut... have you ever seen better?!
The second day we are on ridge line and the views both near (alpine plants) and far are spectacular... when you can see them. The weather can change in 5 or 10 minutes and it is a requirement to carry clothes for all weather conditions.

This view was clear one minute and cloudy (we were in the cloud) the next -

Alpine Scenery...

The trail eventually descends down a "hanging valley" formed by glaciers and back to the lake.

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