Monday, April 6, 2009

The Catlins

09 March 2009

From The Ranch we took a long day trip to the southern coast of the South Island, taking some short walks along the way.

One interesting stop was at the Lost Gypsy Gallery where the resident artist has an old bus with lots of small sculptures that move when you turn a crank. Pure genius with a touch of humour. When you decide you like that, for a small fee a collection of larger and more intricate devices can be viewed in the area behind. For example, a piano keyboard where each key is connected to a electro-mechanical device that makes a sound. Has to be experienced to be understood... highly recommended.

Later we visited Curio Bay which is a rock shelf under water at high tide, and above water at low tide. You can walk out on the shelf and see the remnants of a Petrified Forest.

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