Monday, December 15, 2008

Farewell Party Weekend in Beijing

The weekend flew by as we enjoyed time with friends of many years when Laine and Julia hosted our farewell for friends in Beijing. About 50 attended and signed a huge banner titled "FROMM here to Eternity. Special thanks to the organizers: Laine, Julia, Naomi, Nora, Kate, and Andy.

Early the next morning we crawled out of bed to attend the Boxer Hash "Founder's Farewell" run north of Silver Pagoda. Mark and Laine were the "live hares". First surprise of the day was snow in the mountains! Since the live hares are supposed to lose the "pack" following them we felt that it could be a tough challenge... footprints in the snow....

The light powder was pleasant to run in... to find the trail under the snow we often followed tracks of a lonely peasant or animal tracks... Part way through we came to a village where some men in a new BMW wanted to know what we were doing. We outran them. Down into the large valley with clear views of the mountains and the Great Wall made for an even more scenic second half of the run.

As the sun was setting and the temperature dropping, we found out that 5 1/2 attendees were only half way... mainly due the the "1/2" - a 3 year old child!! Too heavy to carry and too young to walk!! how they got out is another story!! (Think about open carts, drunken villagers, icy roads - and you are only part way through the story).

For the Circle and Dinner we drove up to Huang Hua Cheng and our favorite fish restaurant of many years - the Kui Po Restaurant. As they have for many years, the friendly hosts including
Liu Fu Ying (+86 13718138601) served up inexpensive and tasty food including their famous fresh grilled trout. Yum!!
Bash was fun as usual and the trip back to town no more eventful than usual...
On on..

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  1. hey, are you now in Chicago? I don't see any blogs from the windy, snowy city. The Flaums are snowbound in Portland. hope to see you soon, miss you....mary